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VIDEO: Mosquito Net Distribution

     An excellent article entitled "Malaria: Stopping a Global Killer" appeared in the July 2007 issue of National Geographic. The article paints a frightening picture of the difficulty of combating this dread disease, explaining that "some 3,000 children die of malaria each day in Africa, one every 30 seconds." Bill Gates, whose foundation has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the fight against malaria, has called this disease "the worst thing on the planet".

     Although there are at least 90 teams around the world working to create a vaccine against malaria, which has so far eluded scientists and whose discovery may be many years away, there is a tried and true technology that can still make a real difference today in fighting this mosquito-borne disease. According to the article, the mosquito net is "one of the best defenses against malaria [...and can...] cut infections by half and child deaths by a third."

     The National Geographic article quotes the director of an African nonprofit that distributes nets on a national level: "Distributing nets to remote villages is a nightmare. It's one thing for me to convince Bill and Melinda Gates to donate money, it's quite another to actually get the nets out." In contrast to this difficulty, Kids of Kadiogne has created a simple model that has allowed us to use direct connections with families and children in remote villages to get the nets directly into their hands. We have distributed thousands of mosquito nets to children and families in our 22 partner villages, and we are committed to continuing to expand this aspect of our Health Program.

     Tonight, thousands of villagers in northern Senegal will sleep peacefully beneath mosquito nets that we have provided, secure in the knowledge that these nets protect them from the risk of severe illness and death that accompanies malaria. The children are sleeping better and staying healthier and happier, but it is the parents who see the difference these nets have made in the health and happiness of their children and who continually ask us to pass on their heartfelt gratitude to those who have supported this program.

     In our effort to combat this dread disease, which kills nearly one million children in Africa each year, we continue to distribute special, repellent-impregnated mosquito nets to children and families in our 22 partner villages, where we have already distributed thousands of nets!

Health Education &
Health Supplies

     In order to promote the health of the children and families we serve, we have sponsored health education for children and parents, and we have provided free supplies for personal hygiene, first aid treatment, and dental care.

Photograph by Luke Klein

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