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We are so grateful for the hundreds of people who have made our work possible with their generous contributions. Thank you!

Abington Monthly Meeting of Friends
Alicia and Michael Abrams
Vanessa Alexander
Andres Amarilla
Mark Anderson
Alan Ankeny and Nancy Pigford
Sarah Armour-Jones and Steven Jones
Norma Arnold and Robert James
Cheikh and Fatim Babou
Shelly and Randall Backus
Katherine Dougherty Bagwell
Barnard College Office of Multicultural Affairs
Keith Barnstead
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Marcia and Bill Bishop
Sarah Brooner and George Hatzfeld
Eliza Brown and Christopher Wall
Gayle and Ben Brown
Marion and David Brown
Rebecca Brown
Rolando Brown and Sarah Kolker
Sharon Browning
Lauren Bruton
Pamela Caehill
Norah Caldwell
Nelson Camp
Claudia Campbell
Connor Campbell
Harry and Kathy Campbell
Claudia Capparelli
Mia Carpiniello
Debbie Cascarino
Frances and Thomas Castiello
Amy Celentano
Carrie and Orin Chein
Laura Chisolm
Melissa Ciampi
Citizens Bank
Mary Elizabeth Clark
Nicholas and Maria Claxton
Heather Cohen
Nora Concannon
Bill Conrad
Suzanne Conway
Kathryn and Tom Cook
Lori Coyle
Margarette Crawford
Travis Crawford and Jenny Cha
Rita Cristini
Tommarie Crudup-Diggs
Diana Czworkowski
Amy D'Ancona
Josh D'Ancona
Andre Danao
Bruce Davidson and Linda Reimer
Alan and Mandy DeCecco
Angelo DeCecco and Julie Long
Cathy DeCecco
Dave and Dorene DeCecco
Ed and Julie DeCecco
Louise DeCecco
Mike and Beth DeCecco
Ray and Teri DeCecco
Charlie and Gene Dilks
Chay Dilks
Matar Ndiaga Diop
Michelle Donah
Barbara and Robert Donnelly
Arnold Dort
Donna Dunleavy
Linda Eggers
Ted Ellerkamp
Family & Play Therapy Center
Emily Fernberger
Elizabeth Fleming and James Worrell
Susan and Rob Fleming
Margie Foley
Footprints in the Sand Foundation
The Forst Foundation
Nick and Agnes Forst
Rosemarie Forst
JJ Fox
Jesse Frechette and Joe Salvatore
Jim and Mary Friesen
Kari Friesen
FUMCOG Sunday School
FUMCOG United Methodist Women
Amy and Julien Gaudion
Melanie Gavin
Elizabeth Gavula
Oumar Gaye
Alfred and Jenny Gellhorn
Germantown Friends School
Matthew Getzen-Shirley
Thomas and Karen Getzen
Emily Gewirtz
Franny and John Glomb
Jean Graham
Blair and Kristen Gray
Bob Groves and LaVonne France
Chris Brennan Hagy
Toufic Hakim
Kathleen Harrison
Alice Hennessy
Daisy and Jose Hernandez
Ben Herold
Joe Hohenstein and Brandi Mazick
Lisa Hollett
Frank Hollick and Bonnie Queen
Carolyn Hoppe
Victoria and Kenneth Hulse
Kara Hume
Lynne Iser and Mordechai Liebling
Ronnie Jacobs
Steven Jacobson and Irene Haralabatos
Jaishree and Ravi Janardhanan
Cynthia Jarvis
Aaron Javsicas and Lucinda Bartley
Anne and Peter Javsicas
Ed Jennings and Christine Berry
Cori and Jon Jensen
Suku John and Romani George
Susanne Johnson
Haleh Kadkhoda and Trevan Borum
Katy and Justin Kaplan
Debra Karl
Stephanie Kasten
Allyson Katzman and Mitch Bormack
Anne Keehn
Barbara Keeney
Adelaide Keough
Stephen Kerzner
Gisela Klein
Jerry Klein and Dottie Higgins-Klein
Jo Ann Klein
Kristin Klein
Luke Klein
Meredith Klein and Matthew McLaughlin
Charlotte Kleis
Anne Koenig
Anny and Bob Koffler
Amy Koslowsky
Carrie Lang and Benjamin Brotman
Benjamin Langsfeld
Harvey and Chantal Lapp
Nashat Latib
Martin and Marilyn Laufe
Jane Lean
Len Lear
Sue Leary
Mary Price and Richard S. Lee
Zairene LeRoy
Paige Levin
Leslie Lewinter-Suskind and Robert Suskind
Chrissy Lhulier and Chris Crede
Kathy Lopez
Lorayne Losch
Christina and Todd Lukens
Fatimata Ly
David Lynton and Lucy Hill
Jake and Sally Magarity
Maureen Magarity
The Maguire Foundation
Frannie and Jim Maguire
Kathryn and Michael Maleney
Jennifer and Ken Martin
Karon Massado
Alison McCook
Zora Meddahi-Larbi and Ahcene Larbi
Peter and Carol Meehan
Mary Kay Meeks-Hank and John Hank
Stephen Megargee
Michael Melchiore
Dotsie and Tony Meluskey
Lisa Menendez Weidman and Scott Weidman
Adam and Sonya Meora
Gina Michaels and John Phillips
John and Jane Miglionico
Roberta Millard
Kelly and Douglas Miller
Nathalie Miller
Rie and Rex Mitchell
Susan Mitchell
Katie Model
Margaret Moran
Daniel Ssebowa Musisi and Katie Yocum
Elhadji D. Ndiaye
Arlene and Gabby Neuman
Robin and Rich Nourie
Brian O'Neill
Karen O'Neill
Bernice Ola
Manu and Jackie Omowale
Operation Understanding
Ira Orchin
Alexandra Oulbane
Peggy and David Owsik
Alexis Palley and Benjamin Langsfeld
Laurie and Richard Parker
Marion Parkinson and Peg Szczurek
Christine Paul and Yann Lefievre
Mariellen and James Paulus
Heather Pedrick and Brett Warman
Anne and Carleton Pember
Marsha and Duane Perry
Philadelphia Argentine Tango School
Margaret Phillips
Elizabeth Pigford
Libby Pollak
Gary and Lynda Preiser
Estelle Price
Kelly Quigley
Eileen Rahmey
Robyn Rajs
Matt Ramer
Laura and Andres Ramos
Pedro Ramos
Pilar Ramos
Rasheeda Randall
Random House, Inc.
Reader's Digest Foundation
Rob Redei and Cara de la Cruz
Jessica Rigby
John and Ann Riggan
Debra Roberts
Sarah Roche
Denise Rodriguez
Cecily Rose-Itkoff and David Itkoff
Todd Rothstein
Virginia Rutter
Michael Sacks
Nicole Sadler and Evan Ransom
Maya Sanseverino
Sarah Preiser Sunshine Fund
Jaimie and Michael Sarenas
Fabio Scarpelli and Priya Mammen
Jackie and Nick Scharff
John Schmitt
John Schmitt
Megan Schmitt
Michelle Schmitt and Ben Herold
Peggy Anne and John Schmitt
David Scholnick and Heather Robb
Karen Scholnick
Francie Shaw
Madelaine Shellaby
Kristie Sheppard and Kieran Robinson
Mark Shetabi
Gianluca and Latika Signorelli
John Singler and Amy Vaccarella
Phyllis and Steve Singler
Sirius Community
Sisters of Saint Joseph
Josh Skinner
William Skinner
Stuart and Karen Skinner
Eileen Smith
Eileen Smith
Fran Smith
Lynn Smith
Malick Sow
Mamadou Sow and Salla Thiam
Oumar Salif Sow
Amy Spangler
Meg and Samuel Steere
George Stern
Veronique Struis
Christine Suarez
Ray and Barbara Sveen
Debby and Tom Swirsky-Sacchetti
Eileen Talone
Gerri and Christopher Taylor
Phyllis B. and Richard Taylor
Manya Tessler
Melissa and Elwin Thibault
Thomas Edison Magnet School
Gary and Susan Thompson
Peggy Tileston
Frank and Kathy Torrisi
Rebecca Traister and Darius Wadia
Adam Ulloa
Univest Bank and Trust Co.
Valley Green Bank
Robert and Dianne Vickery
Dorothy Wade
Martin and Marion Wade
Scott Walker
Oona Walsh and Leo Hesser
Abbie Walther
Deborah and David Ward
Thomas and Patricia Ward
Andrew Weiner and Sarah Titus
Allison Weiss and Fred Sisk
Roz and Don Weiss
Nathan Welch
Kelly and Dante Weston
Skip Wiener
Thomas and Loretta Witt
Christine Wojdyla
Laura and Kieran Woods
Barbara Wybar
Mario Zacharjasz

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